A contextualized smart security network for campuses

What does the next generation of School security look like?

We'll show you.

Flybox.io is a cost effective, Patent Pending technology for ISDs who want better security without the negative effects and high costs of hardening.

We use your existing infrastructure in tandem with our Patent-Pending technology to create an entirely new class of security product. We do all this while keeping your costs as low as possible.

Due to the sensitive nature of some security features, we will not discuss details publicly.

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Only the Flybox Safe Student System delivers this comprehensive level of security.

Importantly, there are no GPS tracking or location services required

You now have three choices when considering how to protect students.

-Higher Security / More Hardening
-Less Security / Status Quo
-Higher Security, Lower Cost, no Hardening

Only Flybox.io offers the best of all options.

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